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So I’m a busy working mom on the go. A lot of times I only have time to eat grab and go snacks. Not the healthiest way to eat but at least I’m eating right? I recently was able to try out the Go Picnic ready-to-eat meals from Go Picnic.

These prepackaged meal kits come in a slim profile box that fits easily in your bag and they require no refrigeration or prep. Each box contains utensils, towelette, and a temporary tattoo for the kiddos. Go Picnic meals are available in over 20 varieties for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack! I think the best part is that the meals are not only convenient but they are healthy too! They have menus that meet vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, halal dietary requirements. The meals contain no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, added MSG, peanut or tree nut, added flavors or colors. I know what you’re thinking….”they must taste disgusting.” Take it from this junk food junkie, they actually taste great. I love the gummi bears and snickerdoodle cookies that come in the meal.

The meals are reasonably priced starting at $3.99/box which is comparable to the Lunchable’s brand. A steal if you ask me because it would cost more than that to eat fast food. Go Picnic also has a fundraising campaign you can do to raise money for your company, event, organization, group, etc. Summer is almost here and this product would be great for travel, camping, trips between summer activities so stop by Go Picnic and order your Go Picnic ready-to-eat meal today!

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