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My Baby Can Read!!

I first saw the Your Baby Can Read program on an episode of The Doctors and was blown away by the toddlers they featured that were actually reading. I remember thinking how amazing it was. Then I thought, wait a minute, Mahayla is that child’s age (18 months) and she’s not able to read. So that got me thinking and I began to research the product on line. I found that aside from the parent reviews on the company website ( there wasn’t much out there as far as 3rd party reviews.

The website is quite organized and user friendly. The program is designed for children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. They explain that “In the first years of a child’s life, tens of thousands of synaptic connections are made each second in the brain, opening the door for increased learning capacity. The most natural time to learn any aspect of language is during the infant and toddler years.” There is a “natural window of opportunity” for learning language where it is easier for children to learn to understand and speak our language at a high level. During this window of opportunity, between the ages of 3 months and 5 years, they can also learn the written word naturally and easily. Dr. Titzer has developed a new method of teaching reading that could change how and when our children learn to read. Normally, children don’t start learning to read until age 5 or 6 years old, but the natural window of opportunity begins to close around age 4 – BEFORE THEY ENTER KINDERGARTEN!I So I spoke with my husband about the program, he was beyond skeptical. That was until he viewed the informacial on TV one Sunday morning which pretty much sold him. It was then that I went to purchase the product on line at

The complete program is expensive $199.95. The complete program includes a 5 DVD Set with Sliding Word Cards, 50 Word Game Cards, 82 Double Sided Word Cards, the "How To" Parent’s Guide, 5 Lift-A-Flap Books. Plus you get for FREE the Window Book, workshop DVD, and the music CD. I took advantage of their 30-day trial for $14.95. If I liked the program and chose to keep it I was billed 3 monthly installments of $66.65 which to me was more manageable for my budget. I purchased the program in the end of January. I received the package in the mail in about 5 days. All the products are color coded for easy use; blue video, blue flash cards, blue book. The real test was going to be Mahayla’s reaction to the videos. Historically, she doesn’t watch TV or DVD’s for longer than say 2 minutes because the programs loose her attention and interest.

Drum roll please…..Mahayla loves the videos! You’re supposed to allow your child to view the video twice daily for 1 month then advance to the next video. She probably watches her videos 3-4 times daily. We are currently on the 4th video but we frequently go back and watch older videos for refresher. She loves reading her books and using her sliding word cards but shows little interest in the flash cards. The books have proved pretty durable, she hasn’t torn them apart yet like some of her other paper books. I highly recommend this program to any parent who values education and early learning and wants their child to have a “head start” when going to school. The program does require the parent to be dedicated to the program as well and will need to follow the curriculum. Currently you can purchase this program online at . They are running a special right now that you can either choose to pay the one time amount of $199.95 or you can opt for the 30-day trial for $14.95 with free shipping plus you get a $75 gift card then be billed 3 installments of $66.65 . Despite the hefty price tag, I do feel this program is worthy and I have seen the results to prove it!

Below is a video of Mahayla (20 months) reading one of her Your Baby Can Read Books

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