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Mahayla is 22 months old now and we have been intermittently trying this potty training thing. We figured when she starting pulling the “poop” out of her diaper and handing to the teacher, it was time to start. Some days she interested and others she’s not. We’ve tried several methods including the timer method, which resulted in her having a full blown mental break down about the 5th time the timer went off, and of course bribery. Nothing has really worked well for her until she watched the Pocket Snails Potty Adventure!

The Pocket Snails Potty Adventure! Is an interactive animated story with 3 pocket snail friends, Gordon, Dale, and Buttons, that help guide your little one through the steps of potty training. The DVD includes a “Potty Steps Map” that illustrates the potty training steps that you can use to follow along with the video or independently. The movie utilizes vibrant colors, repetition, and songs to help teach how use the potty. Mahayla loves her new movie! She dances around during the songs and wants to sit on her “potty” when the movie is done. She actually went “pee-pee” in the potty right after her first viewing of the movie! Unfortunately, we can only get her to go after watching the video and I obviously can’t play the video continuously everyday. So we’ll have to figure that out.

The Pocket Snails is a wonderful educational series that provides a stepping stone in our children’s development and they get to have fun while learning! The Pocket Snails have won over 25 national awards including The Toy Man Award of Excellence and the NAPPA Honors Award.

Go by Pocket Snails and check out their educational series. Leave me a comment about your potty training adventures!

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I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know about a company called White Sands. Whites Sands is an innovative leader in hair care. Their products provide a unique blend of botanicals to help protect and enhance color and offer a heat shield to protect our hair from UV damage and thermal stress. Best of all, for all of you Florida girls out there, they provide ultimate moisture balance and humidity protection. No more “frizzy hair” days! Whites Sands offers a wide range of hair care products, styling tools and accessories. All of their products are reasonably priced and available for purchase on-line or at area salons.

I recently was able to sample their Phase 1 Nourishing Shampoo for Blondes and Brunettes and the Phase 1 Corrective Conditioner for Blondes and Brunettes. This product helps “secure color and locks in a balanced, self-adjusting moisture with a weightless feel before the clear micro-shield seals the hair.” I have been using the product for almost 3 weeks now and my hair feels softer and full of more color…and I don’t even dye my hair! The only thing I wished is that it had a better smell. The product smells a bit too “chemically” for my tastes, but overall is a great product.

Head over to White Sands and give one of their collections a try!

Sticky Words

Our daughter, Mahayla, is almost two and is ready for her “Big Girl” room. Her current room is rather unisex in nature, painted in two-tone blue and green with cartoonish fish swimming around the room. This décor really doesn’t fit the girly-girly personality that is emerging from my toddler so we felt it was time to “grow up”. My original plan was to leave the room the same color, replace the border, and use my Sticky words vinyl lettering to redecorate and bam we’re done! Well, the higher power made new plans for us while we we’re busy making different plans….a new baby. Yes, I said it….we’re pregnant again! So now, Mahayla is getting a new room all together. We turned our extra bedroom into a Tinkerbell room complete with fairy dust! My favorite part of the room is my vinyl lettering from Sticky Words, “All it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of fairy dust.” We made this the center piece of the room above her bed.

Sticky Words has a wide variety of pre-designed vinyl cut-out available in any size or color! Custom designs are also available. They have several categories to choose from like nursery, living room, religious, and etc. The website is easy to navigate and professionally set up. My order arrived within a few days complete with instructions. Make sure you read the instructions! We did find that hanging the design was a two-person job. We did encounter some difficulty because our walls are textured, so it took a bit more rubbing to get the lettering to stick. I also found that if you pull the backing off at a 45 degree angle it works better. The installation was otherwise simple and looked marvelous when we were done. We completed the look with Tinkerbell appliqués on either side and embellished with rhinestones to make our fairy dust.

I love Sticky Words and they have such a variety of designs available. The teaching hospital I’m working for will be opening its Cancer Hospital in the fall. I love these designs so much that I’ve talked to our manager and the Art’s in Medicine department to see if we could install some of inspirational designs in each of our 24 rooms on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. Our patients stay an average of 30-45 days depending on the type of transplant they receive. I think it would be wonderful if they could wake up every day and see some inspiring word looking back them!

Head over to Sticky Words and let me know which design you would want!

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Wonderful giveaway, they have some really cute nail colors! May 14, 2009 11:10 PM

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Sun Protection Zone

Being an oncology nurse I get to see firsthand the effects of cancer. One of the most preventable forms of cancer is skin cancer. About 80% of skin cancers could have been prevented if the person had followed a completed sun care regimen and 90% of all skin cancers are caused by continued unprotected exposure to UV radiation. One severe sunburn as a child more than doubles the potential of developing skin cancer later in life. A complete sun care regimen should include sunscreen, UV protective clothing, hats that provide adequate coverage and sunglasses. That’s why I now want to take the time to tell you about one of my new favorite products, Sun Protection Zone 100% S.PF child swimsuits!

I was recently able to review one of their child’s long sleeve body suits and I fell in love with it. Mahayla has extremely fair skin and starts to burn almost instantly when outside. She hates putting on sunscreen and they often cause her eczema to flair. Sun Protection Zone’s suit provides maximum protection and limits the areas that I have to apply sunscreen. The suit is 100% S.PF/U.P.F 50+. I thought with it being long sleeved that it would be too hot for our Florida weather but it is made of a light weight high density yarn which makes it cool and helps reflect the heat. The suit dries quickly and is chlorine resistant. The suits have easy care instructions, which is good for me. The suits are available for girls, boys, and adults! The swimming suits are reasonably priced and will pay for themselves in the long run because you won’t be going through so many bottles of the $10 per/bottle sunscreen.

I was also able to test out their Solar Safe UV Sun Monitor Wristbands. These waterproof and disposable wristbands change color with sun exposure levels letting you know when to reapply sunscreen and when to seek shade! They are easy to use, read, and Mahayla loved wearing her “jewelry” to the pool.

To complete Mahayla’s wardrobe for the pool, she also got to try out her new bubble gum colored sunglasses by MFS Eyewear. Their sunglasses are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. Their products feature 100% UV protection, wrap around frame design for maximum coverage, “kid resistant”, come with an adjustable neoprene band, and are fully Rx-capable. Proper eye protection is so important for our children’s little eyes. Just like our skin, UV exposure to our eyes increases the risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye, including malignancies. And that is why we must take all possible steps to prevent unnecessary exposures.

Stop by Sun Protection Zone and MFS Eyewear and check out their products, I know you’ll love them. Let me know what which products you would want your little angel to have!

The Prize: Sun Protection Zone is offering one of my followers the product of their choice!

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