I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know about a company called White Sands. Whites Sands is an innovative leader in hair care. Their products provide a unique blend of botanicals to help protect and enhance color and offer a heat shield to protect our hair from UV damage and thermal stress. Best of all, for all of you Florida girls out there, they provide ultimate moisture balance and humidity protection. No more “frizzy hair” days! Whites Sands offers a wide range of hair care products, styling tools and accessories. All of their products are reasonably priced and available for purchase on-line or at area salons.

I recently was able to sample their Phase 1 Nourishing Shampoo for Blondes and Brunettes and the Phase 1 Corrective Conditioner for Blondes and Brunettes. This product helps “secure color and locks in a balanced, self-adjusting moisture with a weightless feel before the clear micro-shield seals the hair.” I have been using the product for almost 3 weeks now and my hair feels softer and full of more color…and I don’t even dye my hair! The only thing I wished is that it had a better smell. The product smells a bit too “chemically” for my tastes, but overall is a great product.

Head over to White Sands and give one of their collections a try!

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