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Mahayla is 22 months old now and we have been intermittently trying this potty training thing. We figured when she starting pulling the “poop” out of her diaper and handing to the teacher, it was time to start. Some days she interested and others she’s not. We’ve tried several methods including the timer method, which resulted in her having a full blown mental break down about the 5th time the timer went off, and of course bribery. Nothing has really worked well for her until she watched the Pocket Snails Potty Adventure!

The Pocket Snails Potty Adventure! Is an interactive animated story with 3 pocket snail friends, Gordon, Dale, and Buttons, that help guide your little one through the steps of potty training. The DVD includes a “Potty Steps Map” that illustrates the potty training steps that you can use to follow along with the video or independently. The movie utilizes vibrant colors, repetition, and songs to help teach how use the potty. Mahayla loves her new movie! She dances around during the songs and wants to sit on her “potty” when the movie is done. She actually went “pee-pee” in the potty right after her first viewing of the movie! Unfortunately, we can only get her to go after watching the video and I obviously can’t play the video continuously everyday. So we’ll have to figure that out.

The Pocket Snails is a wonderful educational series that provides a stepping stone in our children’s development and they get to have fun while learning! The Pocket Snails have won over 25 national awards including The Toy Man Award of Excellence and the NAPPA Honors Award.

Go by Pocket Snails and check out their educational series. Leave me a comment about your potty training adventures!

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Tiffany said...

thanks for the giveaway. we are having a hard time w/ our 3 yr old.

Alice said...

My son was so stubborn when he was getting potty trained. He refused to go in the potty or in his diaper. He would only go on the potty if his dad was home, so he would hold it all day while dad was at work. My the time my husband would get home, but son would be in total pain but still refused to go. I hope my daughter is a little less stubborn.

Heather M said...

I want this so bad... We're trying to get my 2 yr old trained and so far not very successful!! Thanks

hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

christin said...

My daughter was easy peasy, but my son is proving to be a little more difficult. This sounds great! Thanks for the chance:)

lezanac said...

I would love to win this for my nephew He has developmental delays and just turned 4 They are hoping to get him potty trained so he can start pre k next year and get some social interaction.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe via my yahoo!

Anonymous said...

My daughter would love this! I subcribe.

Donna M. Clark said...

M little Bambi was taught to use the potty by using M&M's as a bribe. Everytime she went in the potty, she got a M&<. Worked wonders for her. Thank you for having this giveaway.
litefoot873 (@)

Donna M. Clark said...

I faved you on technorati as litefoot873.
litefoot873 (@)

denise said...

My guys always yell switch, to switch potties and no one ever goes!


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