The FItness Challenge

I'm currently working on the product review for The Fitness Challenge Game. The challenge is for 8 weeks so this is a work in progress. This product is designed for the "wannabe exerciser." You know who you are. The theory behind the game is that you pick a partner, make a wager, play for 8 weeks. The game is designed for two players of any age or ability to compete. The Fitness Challenge uses rewards in the form of star points along with coupons as prizes to motivate players to exercise consistently and lose weight for eight weeks. Well, Rob and I aren't as in shape as we once were. Let's face it....being parents has made us both, well lazy. Any "free time" we have we sleep. Exercising just doesn't sound like fun. I recently purchased a bike trailer for Mahayla and we have started bike riding on our days off. We usually don't go far, just around the lake and back or to the corner store. Bike riding doesn't sound that hard but it reminded me on the first day just how out of shape I am. I want to get healthy and fit so I can make sure I'm around for Mahayla when she older. The youngest in my family always dies young and I want to break that trend. So were going to incorporate The Fitness Challenge into our new work out routine.
The folks at Fitness Challenge are offering 3 Fitness Challenge Games as prizes!. I will include the giveaway when I post my final review on The Fitness Challenge. So check back for updates on our progress and my thoughts on the game!


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