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Our daughter, Mahayla, was born with severe atopic dermatitis and eczema. We have struggled over the past two years to find a product that would both moisturize her skin but also prevent/treat and not cause her eczema to flare. We have probably tried every product on the market both over-the-counter and prescription. Nothing really seemed to work well for all her skin issues just one or the other so we just settled. Well, we don't have to settle any longer!

I was recently able to review a couple of products from Eco-Store USA and we have fallen in love with them. We were able to try the aromatherapy baby body wash and moisturizer. The baby body wash makes her skin so soft and it smells like eucalyptus. It's gentle on her skin and safe to use on her face (very important since its almost impossible to not get soap or water in her eyes). We use the moisturizer after her bath when her skin is still somewhat wet and use the towel to saturate her skin well. Both products have shown improvement in her skin texture and fewer eczema flare ups! (Which equals happier baby)

Eco-Store USA specializes in Eco friendly, plant-based household cleaning products , body and baby care, and pet care products. Their products are made from plant and mineral based ingredients. They are free of toxic chemicals and environmentally safe. We all know how expensive organic products can be, Eco-Store has found the solution. Their products come in a super-concentrate formula that allows you to use less product each use which means it saves you money! Eco-Store is based and products made in New Zealand and recently have become available for sale in the United States.

"The original customer base of Eco-Store NZ was comprised of mostly ‘Greenies’ and organic gardeners. However, it was not long before testimonials from other parents (many of whom were unaware of the benefits of Eco-friendly products) began to pour in with wonderful news of their children's allergies and eczema clearing up. Many noted that any respiratory issues were healing, and many lingering chronic conditions were disappearing.By simply changing to the genuinely clean and green Eco-Store products, people were experiencing surprising and unexpected improvements in their health." Eco-Store was founded by Melanie and Malcolm Rand more than 15 years ago, who started their basement business that quickly turned into a store front in Auckland, New Zealand!

Have you ever really looked at the ingredients of some major bath and body supplies? It's scary! Eco-Store's product have no toxic chemicals. That means no chlorine, petrochemicals, TEA, DEA, MEA....thus no cancer causing agents!!!!As an Oncology Nurse that specializes in Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant this is especially critical because of the increasing number of cancers being seen due to lifetime exposures to such carcinogens.

Stop by Eco-Store USA and let me know which product you would like to try!
Please go to their blog on and read about the contest that they are running. It is an exciting opportunity for consumers to win a $500 Visa Card just for making a 30 second video on one of their products.

Win It: My friends at Eco-Store USA are offering one of my followers 2 (two) products of their choice from Eco-Store USA! All you have to do is let me know which of their wonderful products you want to try!

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Please leave a separate comment for all you do to ensure you get all possible entries! Remember to include in your comment which products you would like and your email address! Contest ends 7/3 at 10pm
US entries only-sorry


Wu said...

This is so awesome to learn about a place that carries organic helps for such a great price. By the way, I emailed 3 friends about this! Thanks.

silverhartgirl said...

I would love to try the Citrus Spray Cleaner
silverhartgirl at

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

I love eco-friendly companies! I can't decide between the dish detergent and the pet shampoo, lol! They have lots of cool stuff!

cpullum said...

I would like to try Laundry Liquid

janetfaye said...

I would like to try Laundry Liquid and Dishwash Liquid.

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

I blogged:

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...


janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

Eco-Store Facebook Fan - Janet Fri

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Heather said...

I would love to try the aloe vera shampoo and conditioner. What a great website!

Amelia said...

I'd love to try the vanilla scented products! My son has a terrible time with skin issues and my new daughter is showing signs of skin breakdown at 5 months of age. Thank you!

amanda said...

I'd love to try the Rosemary Orange shampoo and the coconut soap!
oheeyore at hotmail dot com

Bella said...

I'd choose the Baby Massage Oil because it's not toxic mineral oil and the Auto Dish Powder!

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