Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub

Our daughter, Mahayla, has never been one much for stuffed animals. However, we recently got her the Polar Cuddle Cub from Cloud B and low and behold....she loves it. The Polar Cuddle Cub "shivers" when you hold him which Mahayla thinks if funny. The "heart" of the bear has several "shiver" options including a timer. The bear is made of eco-friendly anti-bacterial soy based fibers and memory foam. I think the coolest thing about the Polar Cuddle Cub is that it comes from Cloud B endangered species line. This awesome bear not only helps sooth your child but it also carries a message of awareness and conservation. A portion of the proceeds of sales of The Polar Cuddle Cub goes to Conservation International. The Polar Cuddle Cub comes with a little storybook and adoption papers. The storybook is informative yet age appropriate .

Cloud B offers a wide range of award winning children's sleep aids such as the Sleep Sheep and the Twilight Sea Turtle. Each one of their collections soothes a different sense to help achieve a better, more peaceful sleep. Their prices are wonderful and I received my Polar Cuddle Cub within a few days. Check out Cloud B I know that they are sure to have a product that will help your little one have a more tranquil and restful sleep.


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