Wett Giggles Review

Mahayla loves bath time and she especially loves all of her rubber ducky's. I think she has about 11 of them total in her basket. Mahayla is a super independent, strong willed, and stubborn child and has been since the day she was born.  All are wonderful traits in an adult....not so much in a child going through her terrible two's! So her latest "I do it!" routine his her baths. She always insists on washing herself and washing her own hair. She tries but lets face it; she's two. 
Karen from Wett Giggles sent me their super cute soap/nail brush toy. Let me break it down...image a bath toy with a nail brush underneath....now encase it in soap! Such a wonderful idea.  The soap is 100% natural glycerin soap with essential oils and shea butter. They are all hand made with care for that extra personal touch. Wett Giggles offers 9 different "toys" to chose from and each has a different scent. Each bar comes with its own soap dish. We received "Ophelia" in the mail. I don't know how Karen knew about Mahayla's duck obsession but now we have an even dozen! "Ophelia" is lemon scented. It takes awhile to wear the soap down to where you can use the nail brush but the item overall is wonderful and can be used for quite some time. When all the soap is gone, then you have a nail brush and a toy! "Ophelia" helps Mahayla with her baths as well. Mahayla can easily hold onto the toy end of the soap while she's soaping up without constantly dropping the slippery soap into the tub. So this product has actually helped foster Mahayla's independence further and she has fewer mental breakdowns when she has trouble doing it herself.

Wett Giggles are reasonably priced at $10 (with nail brush); $8 (without nail brush); or $5 (toy only). Right now they are offering a special that gives you 20% off your purchase plus shipping is a flat rate of $4.99! Hurry over to Wett Giggles and order yours today!



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