BPA-Free Baby Dipper Bowls now Available!

I have previously reviewed the Baby Dipper Bowl and I wanted to update everyone and let them know that the Baby Dipper Bowl is now available in BPA-free plastic. Also, the Baby Dipper now comes with both a fork and spoon! The Baby Dipper is available for purchase on Amazon.com, One Step Ahead, and at The Baby Dipper.com. I have reposted my review below for review:

Mahayla is 2 years old now and boy is she the most stubborn and independent child I know! We never taught her how to use a fork, spoon, etc because she wouldn't let us. She was very determined to learn herself and would freak out if we helped. She made quite the mess but she did learn. I recently was able to try out the baby dipper bowl and spoon. I wish I had this when Mahayla was learning the eat, but atleast I'll have it for peanut #2!

The Baby Dipper was created by a mommy of twins who searched for a one handed feeding system and found none. So she created the Baby Dipper! The Baby Dipper set is a wonderful feeding/learning tool for you child. The contoured edges help quide food onto the spoon, it has a non-skid base, and the spoon is curved to rest on the side so it never falls in. The product is Phthalate-free and lead-free. The Baby Dipper set is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

The size is great for baby food and rice cereals but is alittle small for bigger portions of foods. Mahayla loves her bowl set and likes to use it to eat her yogurt and ice cream.

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